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    My Eyes Burn by Barry Carpenter

    08.03.16 | by Barry Carpenter

     When I am deeply moved my eyes burn and tears well up inside me. I thank God for the ability to feel deeply about things that cause emotion.  I am not ruled by my emotions but they are a legitimate expression of my soul…of...

      Kindness by Barry Carpenter

      05.09.16 | by Barry Carpenter

      A woman who drove up to the tollbooth of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and said, “I’m paying for myself and for the 6 cars behind me.” One after another the next 6 drivers came up to the booth with dollars in hand only to be...

        Life AFTER Resurrection By Barry Carpenter

        03.30.16 | by Barry Carpenter

        Life AFTER the Resurrection We are now in the post Easter season. The planning, events, worship experiences of Lent and Easter 2016 are behind us.  So the real question is, “What happens AFTER Easter and does it make any...


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