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Lay Committees

Helping * Enabling * Leading the Mission

20/20 Vision

  • A transformed community and church.
  • A Holy Spirit community of Christ followers, connecting through vibrant worship, growing in small groups, serving others like Jesus.
  • Excellent Children and Youth Ministries.
  • The Lead Followers will be the H.E.L.M., twelve Lay Leaders with the Lead Pastor,
    who are responsible for spiritual and administrative direction.

Leader Selection Process

  • Ask God what God wants you to do for the Kingdom in the next three years.
  • Submit S.H.A.P.E.  and H.E.L.M. Covenant to Lead Pastor and Nominating Team.
  • Pray for discernment for the Nominations Team & the Lead Pastor.
H.E.L.M. Members 2023

Cheney, Mike (Chair of HELM)
Ferguson, Janice (Lay Leader)
Newton, Allen (Lead Pastor)
Walden, Gary (Lay Delegate to Annual Conference)
Baucom, Bob
Cray, John
Cox, Roger (Treasurer)
Eliason, Duke (Chair of SPR)
Fanto, Jeff
Green, Tara
Lee, Amanda
Liufau, Jim (Chair of Trustees)
Morrow, Suzanne
Parker, Scott (Chair of Finance)
Roof, Patty (UMW Rep)
Shoults, Mike
Taff, Barry

Staff Parish Relations 2023

Eliason, Duke (Chair)
Alea, Ralph
Cooper, Glenn
Creel, Pam
Lyerly, Robert
Miller, Jerry
Stroup, Mitzi
Ullery, Mike

Finance Committee 2023

Parker, Scott (Chair)
Banks, Steve
Brechin, Jim
Byerly, Dave
Cox, Roger (Treasurer)
Davenport, Lora
Gregory, Brian
Hill, Toye
Morrow, Dave

Trustees Committee 2023

TBD (Chair)
Bell, Kenny
Cassell, Charles
Gentry, Buddy
Liufau, Jim
Powell, Rick
Samples, Jeanene
Spears, JT
Shoults, Mike
Walden, Gary

Nominating Committee 2023

Newton, Allen (Chair)
Adams, Rich
Banks, Donna
Chandler, Dana
Cox, Sherry
Dahlman, Matt
Hartman, Jill
Luttrell, Susan
Parmer, Penny
Walden, Marsha

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